She’s as cute as a button and a downright fox - Introducing this weeks girl-crush, Leah Hoffmann. This down to earth, Nashville based hair guru and feline enthusiast is catching eyes and stealing hearts across the globe.
With golden curls and a sweet like honey personality to boot, this betty’s infectious joy explodes and sticks to you like confetti. Threading rainbows into the once loved, Leah’s recent project Shag Pads Embroidery is pulling on our heart strings. 
Head over heels for this girl and her funky abode, It was a true pleasure sharing words with this sweetheart. 

What’s the story, morning glory? What was life like growing up?
- I grew up in a small town in rural Kentucky. Legit all that's there is coal mines and corn fields. My father is a pastor and I went to private school my whole life. As soon as I graduated, I went straight to beauty school. I knew there was more out there in the world for me... I got a little backtracked for a few years but finally took control of my happiness and left that life, moved to Nashville, and literally fell in love. With life, with a beautiful man, with truer friends than I ever deemed possible, with my career.... I'm the happiest I've ever been. 

What star sign are you?
- Libra all the way. 

So you are true to your sign?
- So true it's scary. For the most part! 

We are head over heels in love with your stitching and embroidery, How did you discover this talent?
- My mom wanted to make sure my sister and I knew some basic woman things. So she taught us how to hand stitch a button on - there was something so satisfying about it to me... Before I knew it I was asking my mom to save all the buttons for me to sew on.
She got me some cross stitch to play with and ever since then, I can't describe it, but something about hand sewing calms me and soothes my soul. Side note, I can't use a sewing machine for the life of me though. 

Are you a creature of habit or someone that desires change?
- I think I would like to believe that I welcome change, but if i’m being honest, it terrifies me. It doesn't come naturally, which explains the first 25 years of my life. 
So the answer would be both - I'm a creature of habit that deeply desires change. 

As a style icon to so many, do you have one of your own?
- Yes. David Bowie and Stevie Nicks. As for today's style influencers, I adore Zella Day's style. Probably because it's basically mine. 

Love at first sight, are you a believer? 
- I can't say for sure with humans, but most definitely yes for kitty cats because I've experienced it three times already. 

You and Brice are packing for a road trip to the mountains, what are the essentials and what is playing for the drive?
- Actually Brice surprised me with a trip to the mountains not too long ago, I had to pack completely blinded. Honestly it made me realise that the essentials I need to have a good time, are just me and him.. And really good music and booze!
As for the drive, we like playing this game where we choose a decade or genre, I’ll play songs and he has to guess what it is before the chorus, i'll read funny Amazon reviews to him, we'll talk about our future dreams on our journey in life together..

If you could have written the lyrics to any song in history, what words would you make yours?
- Bitch better have my money.... I'm kidding, sort of. 

If Leah Hoffman were a plant, what plant would she be?
- Not sure but probably a very high maintenance one that requires lots of sunshine and food. 

Any wise words to live by?
- You truly are in charge of your own happiness. I tell myself this every day. 

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(Top photo by Joel Maddon for Solstice Intimates