Feature by Danni Jackson 

Kelly Maker is a 21 year old photographer that paints a hazy dreamland with her lens. Kelly’s recent collaboration with Tuesday Vintage, Peaches and Dreams, portrays wild hearts against colourful canvases around Melbourne and transports you to a world that you wish you lived in when you close your eyes. 
Today we chat to Kelly about her biggest inspirations and life behind the lens 

1. Firstly - We absolutely love this shoot! What is it about Tuesday Vintage that inspired this shoot?
- I guess it was the way many of your photos are different to a lot of photography seen today. Particularly your shoot’s including art and psychedelic edits! This definitely inspired me to expand my shoot beyond just the models and the lens and incorporate my own artistic vision to each photo.

2. Have you always been into photography?
- Ever since I was young I’ve photographed everything in sight. Starting with disposables and mini polaroids I loved photographing plants and people! It was only last year that I bought a vintage one600 polaroid camera and my first 35mm. From there my passion really grew to what it is now. I particularly love candids and architecture. 

3. Was it something that you studied or self taught?
- I did study 35mm photography and developing film in high school but I feel sometimes the best education is gotten from trial and error. I would say I am more self taught than anything!

 4. If there was a song to match this shoot, what would it be?
- I love putting on music when I shoot. My first shoot with Olivia we listened to vinyl Lana Del Rey all day, and with Elly we listened to Vinyl The Smiths. Both of these really set the vibe for the models and myself and helped shape how the photos would turn out. 

 5. What are your biggest inspirations?
- My biggest inspirations are other photographers, and artists. photographers such as Nan Golding and Petra Collins, and artists like Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. I could list at least 50 people that inspire me, both friends and public figures but those are the first ones that pop to mind. 

 6. What's next for Kelly Maker?
- I am currently working on shoots for a few other brands and projects, and curating my own art and photography collection for a gallery towards the end of the year. 


You can keep up to date with Kelly and her work HERE. 
- Huge thanks to models Elly + Olivia


 Danni @ TuesdayVTG xx