Rumi: beauty, flow, lapis lazuli. Born with a name that represents beauty, it’s no surprise that Rumi Matsuzawa grew up wanting to seek just that. With her work splashed amongst pages from the likes of KNEON through to C-heads Magazine - Rumi’s recent collaboration with Tuesday Vintage featuring the ever so dreamy Emma Boyd shows that this lady is one to keep an eye on. 
We chat to Rumi about her travels, inspirations and all in all zest for life.

❋ It’s no secret that Japan is one of the trendiest places in this world, what was life like growing up in Fukuoka?
- I grew up surrounded by rich natural environment and come from a small village in Fukuoka. Growing up I spent my days hanging around the farmy mountainside with my brothers where A lot of traditional cultures still remain.

❋ Did the unique fashion in Japan play a role in your pathway to styling and photography?
- Yes. Even though I'm a photographer now, my dream was to be a fashion designer - As soon as I turned 18 I went to fashion school. There were so many unique people with their own unique style. These were the days that influenced me in so many ways.

❋ What are your biggest inspirations?
- The various humans in this world.

❋ What was it that provoked your moves from Japan to Paris, Paris to Australia?
- Coming from a small town, I started thinking about seeing the world when I was in high school. When I moved to Paris I didn’t know a single person there, I couldn't speak or understand a word of french.. It was tough in the beginning..
It was physically challenging every single day. I spent six years in Paris. But even when things got tough, I was still moving forward - I was pursuing my dreams.
My memories and experiences from living in Paris have such an important role in my creative work, but after a living there for a while, I needed change.. I really wanted to challenge myself so I moved my life to Sydney.

❋ As someone that has moved around quite a lot, do you find it easy to adapt to change?
- Yes, I think I’m quite adaptable. Keep smiling, open your mind and be thankful.. That's all it takes!

❋ Where do you call home?
-Paris! Paris changed me and my dream completely.

❋ What has been one of your most memorable shoots to date?
- My first shoot. I still remember it so vividly! I was so nervous and I messed it up completely. But everything started from there - It was my first step into the industry, and an important one at that!

❋ Within the bloom of cherry blossoms in Japan, Winter in Paris and the heat of an Australian Summer in the mix of your adventures, do you have a favourite season?
- That's a tough question to answer!  Although I love all of these seasons in each city, I have to say Australian summer is my favourite. I live in the eastern suburbs so I was fortunate enough to spend every day at the beach last summer!

❋ What’s the next country on the to-do list you have yet to experience?
- The USA! 

❋ Three things you cannot leave the house without..
- A book, my phone and a pair of bikinis.

❋ What is playing through your headphones at the moment?
- Black Crowes - She talks to angels

❋ Do you have any advice for the aspiring creatives in this world?
- See the real thing through your own eyes.

❋ Daily mantra?
- Love is the answer, love the life you live. Live the life you love.

❋ What does life look like for you in the year ahead?
- Staying based in Sydney and travelling more for shoots! I’m also interested in the movie industry, so hopefully I’ll do some work there too.

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By Danni Jackson @ Tuesday