Whether it’s surfing with her boyfriend or shooting a look book in Bali, life is non-stop for 19 year old, Mimi Elashiry. Thanks to her immense Instagram following, she is the latest and greatest role model for a super vegan diet and badass vintage style. Whimsical fashion fairy and bohemian beauty, Mimi Elashiry speaks to us about travel, top notch vintage shopping and her personal blog.
1. Mimi, your online following has sky rocketed in the last year. Tell us a bit about how the last year has been for you? 
Mind blowing to be honest. The traveling opportunities such as Paris Fashion week, Your Paradise Fiji, LA, NY, living in Bali for a month... All these places I only ever dreamed of visiting. But it's not all fun and games. There is a lot of hard work involved and when I get a day off it's certainly a rarity. None the less.... I can't thank all the dedicated beautiful souls who are so passionate about what I do- because I wouldn't be here without them!
2. We’ve heard your developing a personal blog. What rad bits a pieces can we expect from the blog?
My personal blog was originally somewhere for me to put my own photography.. All of which I do on an array of 35mm film cameras. I wanted to be able to portray the depth and true beauty of moments captured in my everyday like on film. Because digital photos just don't tell a story anymore. On my blog you can expect to see photos from my many travels, any shoots that are shot on film and a more lifestyle approach.... I've included recipes, travel tips, my favourite music... Basically I want to delve deeper into all the things I am really about, from behind my lens.
3. We’re curious about how Hippies in the City inspired you’re super natural lifestyle. Tell us a bit about that?  
Wow... Well... It inspires everything about my life at the moment. There isn't a moment where I am not utilising some aspect of hippies in the city. From my mindful breathing, meditation, diet, appreciation...It all started 3 years ago. My mums partner is a naturopath and introduced us to healthy habits... No microwaves, blood type diets and the importance of a wheat and lactose free (other than goats/sheep cheese) lifestyle. My family moved away to the Gold Coast when I started year 12 and one day I just happened to be given this book by a friend of Rita's - Kristie Macdonald, owner of For Artists Only in Rose Bay. From the second I unwrapped the paper and smelt the dried lavender in the wrapping I knew I was in for something special. Rita's book is life changing and my words won't do it justice. As I turned the pages everything my mums partner had told me was reiterated in such a way that I would never even question it. from recipes, to tips and tricks, hippie advice, chakras, blood type diets, how to be Eco friendly, amazing places to eat around the world... Ugh.. I have to stop. 
4. Tell us about your recent trip Bali? Highlights, recommended destinations and any advice?
- YOGA BARN in Ubud ...YOU MUST GO TO ECSTATIC DANCE ON A FRIDAY NIGHT! Also go to any late class then go to Soma for dinner after (amazing all the yogis go there and play music and vibe out) .. In Ubud Eat breaky at alchemy ... You should try and stay on the road where Pertiwi Bisma 1 and all those resorts are (Pertiwi Bisma 1 villas are AMAZING the pool backs right on the forest and everything is 10 min walk or bike ride!
- For somewhere closer and a little more beach... Stay in Cangguu - Betelnut cafe is amazing for  breaky, lunch and dinner! Crate cafe three doors down for a simple breaky, On a Sunday night head down to Deus for a good time - Before Deus head to Old Mans (around 6 or 7) for dinner and pre drinks. Oh! And go to Avocado!
- For something a little more out there Go to STRAW HUT in Seminyak on a Friday night.
- Bali budah - kerobokan(on the way from Canguu to Seminyak), Ubud, Uluwatu, (organic Grocer and fucking amazing food.. Like to die for) 
- Earth Cafe in Seminyak for vegan crazy treats and delicious smoothies etc.
- REVOLVER - really good coffee food (just down the road from Earth cafe)
- Definitely go to Uluwatu and Bingin beach they are truly amazing! 
5. To compliment your natural lifestyle, what beauty products/brands do you use? Do you have any fabulous beauty DIY recipes to share with us? 
I use all skin and hair are products from Perfect Potion. All organic with amazing blends of essential oils.... I am also obsessed with aromatherapy, I burn essential oils from Perfect Potion.. As well as use their massage oils, balms and creams to suit my emotion, stress, to help dark circles under eyes.. There is a product for everything. I use coconut oil as moisturiser, makeup removes, to cook with and as a natural sun barrier when the sun isn't too harsh.
I also use Skincerity every night. this product is a breathable night mask that contains vitamin E oil and grape seed oil .. The mask flash dries holding in all the nutrients and you just wash it off in the morning. It's such an amazing product and it even helped fade some stretch marks I had on my hip, as well as healing any scars completely. It's so good even my super carefree boyfriend uses it. 
6. Can you share with us some of your secret vintage treasure troves? Where do you pick up your favourite vintage pieces? 
TUESDAY VINTAGE! I am also obsessed with my vintage Doors shirts.... I have 4 and I am known to sleep in them and then wear them the next day!
7. You must be busy shooting for various local labels, traveling and teaching dance. What are some of your favourite things to do to really unwind? 
I love dancing. It has been my passion since I was 6 years old. I find that in Dancing and yoga I can meditate in a state of concentration... And I always feel amazing after. Other than that I love the beach, anywhere where the water is clear and the headlands are empty... Somewhere I can mermaid around and ignore my phone for hours. I also LOVE bush walks. Or walks on secret tracks down the the little hidden beaches and coves around the north shore, Byron.. Where ever if may be.
8. What’s on the horizon for you in the next year?
I am moving to LA at the end of February for 3-4 months. Super exciting!! 
9. What could we expect to hear on your roadie playlist this summer?
Jonathan Wilson never leaves my play list.. Summer, autumn, winter, spring... Rain or shine... Sad, grumpy, happy... Jonathan Wilson's psychedelic vibes and angelic voice are the cure for everything. I am head over heels in love with my friends band Ocean Alley... And Tora from Byron.. For some more chill wave sounds - Out of this world. I'm a bit of a sucker for your standard beachy bands... Sticky fingers, tame impala the whole shebang.
10. You know all about redefining boundaries and organically developing a modelling career. What advice can you give to other young cats also looking to get into this industry? 
To be honest... As cheesy as it sounds you have to just be yourself. Stand your ground and don't change for anyone else. One of the most important things to be is integrity. You can blog all you like. But if you just sellout and don't stay true to your own passions, style, personality,character, No one will be interested! People want to see something they can't find anywhere else, and the only way to do that is be the little unique species you were born as.
Mimi wears HOMAGE in her pic above xx