On this dreamy, young autumn afternoon we'd like to welcome you to The Sugarshack. The relaxed, groovy beachside home of Rebecca + her darling daughter, Zavian.
Full of character and personality, filled with collections, both old and new, retro memorabilia and jam packed with vintage fabrics, psychedelic bed throws galore and boheme fashions. This little shack screams kitsch meets modern and will have you in interior heaven. Enjoy!

✽ Tell us about your amazing home.
I live in a vintage fibro shack, opposite the beach in the holiday town of Dunsborough in the Southwest of Australia. I share my little pink beach house with my exquisitely cheeky and beautiful six year old girl, Zavian. We have lived here for about 4 years now. My amazing boyfriend Clay lives just down the road. 

 You're an amazing photographer! Whats been your favourite shoot/s to date?
My favourite shoot to date... That's a bit like trying to pick a favourite child! One of my first shoots was for byron bay kids label children of the tribe. That was fun, shooting my little girl and her two best friends Isis and Arlo. I loved that shoot.
- Another fun shoot was 'Shiny disco balls' for Queensland label, Nine Lives Bazaar
- I love working with model @Ashlenfaith, and have shot her on many occasions.
One of my faves is Safari Daze that I did for Tree of Life, Lunarsea and Wildfire tribe.
 You've also got your amazing label, Naughtyshorts. Tell me how that came about! Spill the beans!
I started my label, Naughtyshorts about 5 years ago when Zavian was just a baby!
I make all my clothes from recycled and vintage fabrics. Your nanna's curtains or bed sheets are not safe when I am around! Nothing is better than a gently worn, 100% cotton from the 70's in all its orange and brown glory.
 Where in your dreamy home do you feel most inspired?
- The house is pretty small. Two bedrooms running off an open plan living/kitchen area, and honestly there isn't a spot in the house that doesn't inspire me. Even the toilet is an awesome place to hang out and have a ponder - Its decked out in fairy lights and pretty pictures. Our house is full of eye candy, right into every corner. We make use of every inch of it. 
 The Sugarshack in three words. GO!
- Collected. Thrifty. Welcoming.
 Lets talk about your three most prized possessions.. 
-  Well you know what, my answer to this could change day to day, and sometimes I feel attached to my stuff and other times I feel like I could just walk away from it all and it wouldn't be hard. But if I had to choose right now I would say..

1. My antique floral Kilim rug that I bought just after Zavian was born. Its perfectly faded shades of oranges, pink and blacks. It's completely unique and irreplaceable. 
2. The timber mid century chair with the Sanderson linen covers, a loan from my aunty that I will NEVER give back. Such sexy curves!

3.  And the carved buffalo skull that hangs in my bedroom. A gift that my most beautiful boyfriend brought home from Indonesia for my birthday. 
✽ What's your favourite room and why?
My bedroom is my haven. It's full of the personal items that I treasure the most. It contains all of my dress-ups and collections of vintage. I love to change the look of my room weekly with different curtains and linens. Its where all of the snuggles happen.
 The Sugarshack looks like its filled with amazing memories. Tell us all about your favourite ones so far..
We have been here since my little girl was just 2 years old. So its so full of memories. Watching my little girl go through toilet training to her first days of school and learning to hula hoop. Late nights dancing in the kitchen with my friends and last minute afternoon barbecues that turn into all night parties. Too many to list.
 Okay beautiful vintage queen! Tell me all about your favourite places to score.. (And by score, I mean vintage!)
Always the op-shop / second hand shop / salvage yard / or the side of the road. 
 Complete this sentence, Home is.... 
- Home is... where my baby's at!
 If you could change one thing about your home, what would it be? 
- I would install french doors in the living area out onto our timber decking. That would just be perfection. 

 Your favourite way to kill time at home...
Listen to music and make stuff! Rearrange the furniture. Have an impromptu party with the neighbours. Snuggle with my baby. Wander across the sand dunes on a hot day and flop into the ocean... have a long hot soak in the old bath tub in the laundry... 
 Last but not least. Tell us about your dream home.
This is pretty much it. 


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