Through the observing eyes of photographer, musician, all round creative + beautiful soul, Brady Nolan - We swim into his ethereal world.
His captivation of beauty cascades through the lens and trickles down into a land we call Nara, where dreams fly high and worries bury deep.
Brady is drawn to beauty and inspired by nature; a magical energy flows from this shoot. A hiding place, a secret kept - A
 place where dreamers go to dream.

'Nara' by Brady Nolan for Tuesday 

Tell me about yourself, your first words, detention, whatever. Go!
- I’m a dreamer, hailing from a little beach town north of Brisbane. We lived there for my very first days and a couple years after, before leaving on a trip around Australia in a caravan we soon called home. I’ve been a creator as long as I can remember, drawing, painting and experimenting at a young age.
The creative rhythm from my upbringing still beats and flows within me today, and it’s something I am so humbled to have experienced. We settled in Perth a while ago, and since then I’ve been constantly diving into new avenues whereas to express myself and my art.
There’s a certain taos hum about Perth, with beauty lingering in the simple things, and rare little glimpses of magic that are so often passed by. I’m never too quick to call it my home, but it is definitely apart of me. Oh, and the coastline is a thing beyond beauty.

What’s your star sign? 

Was it a journey to find your place as a photographer or something that came naturally to you?
- I think photography introduced itself to me naturally at first, but sooner than later, it was nature and journey simultaneously. It has been a hobby of mine for a long time. From a young age I was messing around on my brother’s camera, dreaming of one day having my own..
The things I’ve always loved, is the balance between stark, sullen nature, like open spaces, and these little moments, when the lights are almost gone and turning golden, or when it’s just poured with rain. And then the balance and that against, I guess, sensuality and sexuality, in terms of the human form. The sensuality of human context and the sensuality of nature, and both concurrently.

My eye for these things has always been observing and learning, well before photography found me. Although, I’d have to say that shooting analog has definitely been a journey, as are all things new and fed with interest. There’s such a purism behind the ‘not knowing’ of analog photography that I love. But it’s not even the purism that intrigues me the most, it’s more like you take it and you just do not know. And you may wonder if you should take another but you don’t.
It’s the energy we put into the photograph, which gets back to us. It’s a very romantic process.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
- Oh, introvert no question haha. With the exception of dancing.

Rumour has it you worked alongside a dreamy playlist for this shoot, do elaborate.
- Haha, yeah, for the most part. I’ve been taking inspiration from all over lately, and music has always been my biggest inspiration. Music follows me everywhere, and when it’s not playing somewhere, there are melodies and harmonies floating around in my head constantly. I’m growing everyday in it. I feel strongly influenced from things outside of photography, from dance and paintings, to modern compositions and poetry, it’s all an influence. I’m hungry at the moment.

Whats your spirit animal?
I’ve never thought about this actually! I do love snakes. Something in the way they move and transform with a certain arcane elegance. Yeah, maybe a snake.

What is ahead for you? Any projects in the making we should stay tuned for?
- Ahead for me is the exploration of new things. It’s a really wide space. I’m planning to start a collaborative art project in the near future, along with a couple photography ventures and a bevy of musical projects as well. Musically there’s a lot I’ve been meaning to get around to.

For myself, photography and music are almost symbiotic. They’re the poetry of sight and sound, they’re how I can express emotion that I couldn’t otherwise. They come from the force in me that drives to create and communicate on a level other than the more literal ways. My definition of that, artistically, is unclear. It’s always changing it seems, never the less true to myself. Fuck, I’m excited for things to come.

Best advice you've ever been given as a creative?
- One of my teachers from high school used to quote Mozart constantly, and at the time I didn’t appreciate most of the words as much as I probably should have. But one quote has resinated in me that I find beautifully inspiring in all forms of art and creation. “The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between.”

All Photos  Brady Nolan
Models - Isabella Tanasi & Annie Jenkins
Wardrobe - Tuesday Vintage
Words  ♡ Danni Jackson