Words by Danni Jackson.

Sophie Wilson is an artist with a deep appreciation for the beauty in this world. Pulling inspiration from poetry and the art that surrounds her, a sensitivity and love for the human spirit is reflected in her drawings. These detailed artworks have a soft feminine touch that allow the viewer to feel as though they are staring into the soul of the subject.

The drawing below is Sophie’s interpretation of a photo from On The Road with Melody in which she has shown her poetic nature by captioning the image with a quote from R.M. Drake ‘and the sky smiled right back at you, like it knew a little more about you each night.’

We learnt more about this young Newcastle artist as she spoke to us about her pathway to creativity. 


1. Tell us about your journey as an artist, did it take some experimenting to find your niche or did drawing come naturally to you?
- My mother had a huge part in my love for art. Always providing me with paints, pencils & easels - she loved art herself, so that encouraged my passion. I would copy pictures from magazines, cartoons out of the Sunday Telegraph & in early highschool days I had a slight obsession with drawing Japanese anime, Manga & Chibi. 
I think High-School art class played a big part in developing my niche, as it allowed me to experiment with so many mediums & discover what I like.
I grew up in Newcastle, a city with a love for the beach. Yet, for the last 2 years I've been back-and-forth living in Nicaragua, Central America. Not being settled in one spot has put the development of my art into a possible job, on hold.
But I'm almost 21, I've got time to run around.

2. What are your current inspirations? 
- This question is a daunting one, because the list is long & ever-changing. But my current inspirations are pictures I stumble across on Instagram! I love finding quirky photos & I really appreciate other artists creativity through photography. I think that's why I love to draw people, the captured moment of them really inspires me. I'm also slightly obsessed with quotes & poetry. Even a short sentence can evoke emotion. So, I occasionally pair a quote with my drawings. 

3. In many of your portraits, I am drawn to the eyes. What feature do you think is the most important to get right?  
- The eyes are something I've struggled with, because I've seen them as very important. I would always want it to be perfect & spend too much time on them! But the decision to leave the eyes un-filled has just become a part of my style now, its made my artworks more unique & captures the viewers attention. Well, I hope so anyway! 

4. Writer’s block is a term that we are all familiar with, as an artist, do you ever have stages where you find it hard to tap into your creativity? If so, how do you push through these?
- Writers block is the worst. I constantly struggle with this, and daily life takes over. But something that helps me is other people's work. I'm easily inspired by what I see around me, from graffiti on streets to the history behind a famous artist - people put passion & meaning into their work. So if you take the time to really see it, then it'll inspire you to want to create. 


Keep up to date with Soph and her work HERE
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