SPACE CADET - Fransisco Tavoni

Space cadet is our latest feature on creatives and their space. Here at Tuesday Vintage we have an obvious love for recycling and d.i.y so our mission is to give exposure to those who also share the same passion. We are concentrating on creatives, individuals, weirdos, those who arent afraid to let their style be reflected in their homes. 


Our first feature is Fransisco Tavoni, an extremely talented, inspiring, multi skilled creative who lives in a pocket of rainforest 2 minutes from central Byron Bay. He owns his own fashion label THRILLS, is a photographer, and has created his own photography / art studio in Byron bay where he works, shoots, and rents out to others - which we will feature later down the track. His home is open, crafty, colourful and built around a zen garden vibe a strong emphasis on everyone, and everything being grounded. We interviewed Fran and invaded his home for the afternoon. Images and interview by Sally Patti xx







Tell us a little about what you do, thrills, photography, your studio, how did it all come about?

In 2011 I was a bit stagnet in my hometown Caracas, Venezuela I was working for Sabre sunnies and pretty much had lived a crazy life in the city where the Caribbean paradise meets kidnap and murder.  I wanted to follow my dreams and start a new clothing label. 

I have some Australian friends (Brooke and Tabitha)  that where living in Byron and told me to come for a visit so I moved here and met Ryan and then started selling vintage motorbikes and clothing and thats how Thrills started. Along the way I started photographing other label’s campaigns and doing editorial stuff so one thing led to another and last year me and photographer Ming Nomchong got together and started Tropico Studio which is a photographic studio with a creative space for other people alike.Moving to Byron was such a great thing because I got inspired by the local crew by how creative they were and how collaborative things are around here so big thanks to them.

 Your home is incredibly unique, an almost d.i.y alternative to design… How does your space reflect your context? How does it represent you? 

It’s a mix of so many places I’ve been and love. When I go out I like to go to places where there is a lounge and you can melt with your friends so the living room have that element. My room is different, it has more of  a warmer atmosphere I wanted the bed to be the centre of attention where you get cozy with the fairy lights and hide in the mosquito net. I practice meditation sitting down on the floor so that inspired how everything in the house is low-hight. All the art and the photos are from friends of mine and that mean’s more to me as when I know more the artist. 






Whats your one, the most important/  favourite item in your house, if your house was about to catch fire, which item would you save, and why? 

The photo of the kid looking through the brick wall, It’s a one of piece that represent my hometown Caracas, it was taken by Isabella Plaza a friend of mine the photo has bullet holes that make me remember where I came from and where I’m standing.



   Describe your IDEAL house, where would it be, what characteristics does it have, if this isn’t the dream, what is for you?

I like concrete houses with dark wood mix. Minimal on the outside but decorated with recycled materials like I did with mine. Japanese grass outside and a hot tub. It will be located in Francisqui  a little Island near where I grew up. Kinda Tepoztlán Lounge by Cadaval & Solà-Morales but in the Caribbean. Plenty of rooms for all my friends to crash with a biiiig shared kitchen, that meets the living area so we can cook and melt at the same time no internet or tv.  Sven Marquardt from Berghain is the doorman,  Snoop Druggy dawg  and Al Bundy are our neighbors.  oh!!  and all self sustainable, solar powered with an organic veggie garden oath! 

Home can mean a variety of things to people, what does home mean to you? 

There is a Sunday morning feeling that I get when my mum made me Arepas for breakfast  as a kid.