Heartbreak | Words by Danni Jackson 
First comes love, then comes HeartbreakTuesday Vintage & Wrangler Australia have collaborated to tell this oh-so-familiar tale, one that we wish we didn't know so well. When the heart suffers a wound and your best friend comes to the rescue. Tear up the relationship memorabilia, wash over the tears with cuddles, champagne and dancing. As the night progresses, the tears are traded in for laughs and  pizza in bed.
Through film, polaroids and with a touch of magic, our favourite photographer David Collier possesses a magnetism that pulls us through the front door and into this apartment. Grab a slice, take a seat and get ready to dance the pain away.

 Heartbreak ♡
Photography - David Collier
Styling - Rachel March
Wardrobe - Tuesday Vtg & Wrangler
Talent - Julia x Neon MGT and Lula x London MGT
Beauty - Lauren Sina
Assistant - Monika Pronk
Special Thanks - True AllianceRetrograde USA Patch Ya Later & Solstice