• natural playdough sensory kit (DANDE/YELLOW)
  • natural playdough sensory kit (DANDE/YELLOW)
  • natural playdough sensory kit (DANDE/YELLOW)

natural playdough sensory kit (DANDE/YELLOW)


These playdough jars are made with all natural, locally sourced ingredients and materials. They are great to get out when you just need a minute to sit down, or have some folding to do, or even make perfect little gifts! My kids LOVE them, so will yours.. I hope. (disclaimer, they might not, but hey, worth a shot right?)

This product doesn't even have to be for kids - It makes great mindfulness for adults as well!

Our play dough recipe is HERE, or you can jump the gun and buy some!
Not everyone wants to slave away making play dough and that's totally okay :) let us do it for you!

Each kit comes with -
225g of play dough (currently we have pink, green, brown and yellow available)
- Nature inspired loose parts play or
- Fairy inspired loose parts play  
Please pick carefully as there are no refunds on this item.

 ** This colour (dande) doesn't come with flowers through like the pictures. Flat colour only.

every sensory kit is different depending on season and what's available (hello pandemic) but we aim to have a good selection of sensory items that are fun to play with and push into dough.


**This kit contains small parts and choking hazards and Is aimed for ages 3+ however, my 18 month old twins love to play with this, unless your kids are a lot older this is an activity that requires heavy monitoring, especially if loose parts play is happening! 

This play dough is safe to eat but isn't designed to be 'edible', it tastes very salty and horrible haha.

*includes 225g of playdough, a paper bag of loose parts play which is a mix of laser cut wooden shapes, shells, glass drops, sequins, gumnuts, dried bottlebrush, nature play, safe pieces from 'outside', sourced from a local distributor, dried flowers, sanded pieces of timber, timber mushrooms, porcelain fairies, chairs and wooden fences, wooden fairy signs and glass potion jars with cork stoppers (for fairy dust)

(dough Ingredients - Organic plain flour, organic ground salt, cream of tartar (non organic), organic coconut oil, fluoride and chlorine free water (or reverse osmosis water from our tap). Flavouring/colouring we use is organic turmeric latte mix (coconut powder, cinnamon, black pepper and turmeric), organic beetroot latte mix (coconut powder, beetroot powder all organic), organic ground cacao and organic cinnamon and spirulina).