Tuesday vintage is an online creative platform where founder and stylist, Rachel March showcases the innovative work of herself and other creatives alike whilst also doubling as a store selling unique fashion forward vintage pieces.
Each piece has a story of it’s own - recycled, retold and relived in every new home that it enters.

Born in 2012, Tuesday Vintage now ranges a wide variety of creative work including styling, full directed shoots, brand collaborations, lookbooks & design. 
Rachel’s extensive set of skills in styling are now being used to collaborate with the many artists in this world where they will then be featured on the blog, exposing viewers to upcoming trends and talent to keep an eye on.

The store heavily relies on trend forecasts where the seasonal vintage buys reflect up to date fashion movements whilst remaining unique and one of a kind. 
Rachel’s coordination with designers, labels, style icons, photographers, bloggers and PR companies across the globe ensures that the shop will forever offer eccentric pieces like no other and the Tuesday Vintage platform will constantly be showcasing the best of the best.

Much like most age old tales - there is a beginning, a middle and an end.
For Tuesday Vintage, this is only the beginning.

Thankful to everyone who has joined this wild adventure, Rachel truly believes it's all of the people she has met along the way that keeps this inspiration and magic growing..