• ♡ sensory water beads (approx 1000) | clear
  • ♡ sensory water beads (approx 1000) | clear
  • ♡ sensory water beads (approx 1000) | clear
  • ♡ sensory water beads (approx 1000) | clear

♡ sensory water beads (approx 1000) | clear


Water beads feel like soft, squishy, smooth marbles. These clear water beads have an extra kick, they look invisible in water! A fun science experiment for your littles. My son loved discovering that his 'bowl of water' was actually filled with water beads!

If one drops to the floor, it will have a little bounce n' roll.  
If you add water beads to a water table, they are relaxing, gentle and wonderful to touch. They expand to over 400 times their size! See the second photo for the comparison (vial to bowl!)
They are not slimy and they do not dissolve unless you dry them out (which takes forever)! 
The ideas of how water beads can be used is endless.
They are so satisfying to play with and there are so many ways you can introduce them to your littles. 

Kit includes -
1 x vial of 
waterbeads (one size)
1 x wooden spoon for play
1 x hessian bag for safekeeping

My kids love to mix them with flowers in their mud kitchen and 'cook' with them, we create 'sensory' bins with them, freeze them, pretend 'cook' with them..
They promote learning and development in areas such as fine motor, coordination, exploration, colours, sensory, and creativity.
Water beads also introduce children to scientific and mathematical concepts such as absorption! Lots of ways you can play with them too! More about that on the blog though ;) 

There are currently two sizes available, small and medium!
Both are multicoloured and will fully expand in water over roughly 12 hours. 

Keeping in mind the original usage of water beads and the fact that we mix them with soil or grow plants in them, it is reasonable to ask whether they are safe for the environment. The fact is that water beads, in particular, are absolutely biodegradable. That is the main reason, why they are still used in agriculture or by flower shops to create stunning flower decorations.

When you buy a new package of water beads, you will also see that it contains the sign and the wording 100% biodegradable. In addition to that, water beads are 100% non-toxic and hence they are absolutely safe for kids and pets. 

Water beads should be used with caution with kids and are not recommended for children under three as they pose a choking hazard. It's a good idea to have them play with the water beads under your supervision at least when initially introduced to the toy.
Many kids might be tempted to try them since their bright colours make them look like tasty candy. A water bead shall pass through the digestive tract causing no problems. Please don't eat them tho. 
I would say that these are not suitable for ages under three but in saying that, my girls love to play with them (they are almost two) they are HEAVILY supervised when doing so though. I hope your kids enjoy them as much as mine! The ideas for water bead play are endless!!!!



When you're finished playing with them, they can be added to a large zip lock bag to store. Add a little bit of water to the bag to keep fresh. Store in the cupboard out of light.

For more information, head to our blog post on water beads HERE.

A few things to keep in mind about water beads… though they're non-toxic, biodegradable, and environmentally safe, they {obviously} should not be ingested. ... Either store them in a sealed container with a little bit of water, or if they do dry out, simply soak them in water for 8 to 12 hours to rehydrate them.

** Spoon size may vary depending on what's available via our suppliers. The current pandemic has slowed things down a bit but we will always accomodate :)